Risk Management - Patmodit Insurance Brokers

Risk Management

At Patmodit Insurance Brokers, we believe a pro-active approach rather than a reactive approach is the key to managing your risk. Managing your risk profile helps to keep your claims or loss ratio* down, which in turn keeps your premiums down. Below are a few suggestions for managing your risk:

Additional vehicle security:

Installing additional security in your vehicle will not only reduce the risk of theft but it will also reduce your premium. Should you install a tracking device in your vehicle, you will have a nil theft/hijack excess. Please bear in mind, if you are currently receiving a tracking discount on your vehicle and the device is not installed or not operational, you have no theft cover. It is recommended to call your tracking company to test your unit every three months. Smash and grab window tint is also an effective way to combat attempted hijacks.

Driver awareness courses:

Especially for drivers that have recently received their licence and have had less experience on the road, completing an additional driver awareness course will heighten their awareness on the road, general road safety and become a more economical and confident driver. Should a client complete an awareness course and is under the age of 25, in the event of an accident, we will waiver the additional young drivers excess”.

Lockblocking on vehicles:

The thieves have recently been using a device which blocks your central locking from working on your vehicle and then once you have left your car, they either steal the vehicle or its contents. When utilising a public parking area, double check your vehicle has locked properly when using your remote.

Valuables in your vehicle:

It is always a good idea to keep any valuables carried in your vehicle locked away in your boot and not visible to the passer-by i.e. laptops and handbags.

Don’t use your cellphone while driving:

Talking on your cellphone or texting while driving increases your chances of having an accident by more than 60%. Install a Bluetooth kit or just refrain. Your friends will still be there when you get to your destination.

Check alarm systems in your home:

Test your home alarm system and panic buttons every three months or before heading off on holiday, and upgrade your device if necessary. Your theft cover on your contents is subject to your alarm system being operational.

Never drink and drive:

All those adverts are out there for a reason. A great idea is to register with a chauffeur service to ensure that you and your vehicle get home in one piece.

Good driving habits:

Always practise good driving habits. Reducing your speed, keeping a  generous following distance as well as a good attitude on the road, have all been proven to reduce accidents and aggravation on the road.

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