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Insurance other than “Life Insurance” falls under the category of General Insurance.
General Insurance comprises of insurance of property against fire, burglary etc, personal insurance such as Accident and Health Insurance, and liability insurance which covers legal liabilities.
There are also other covers such as Errors and Omissions insurance for professionals, credit insurance etc. There are general insurance products that are in the nature of package policies offering a combination of varied cove

Third party insurance covers the insured person for any claims made by a third party. If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, and you are at fault, you will not only have your own car”s damage to contend with but will be liable for the damage to the other vehicle and any injuries sustained by those traveling in the car. Third party insurance covers you against this liability. Although third party insurance is not restricted to motor vehicles, this is the area in which it is most commonly used and most often abused.

Life Insurance is insurance for you and your family’s peace of mind. Life insurance is a policy that people buy from a life insurance company, which can be the basis of protection and financial stability after one’s death. Its function is to help beneficiaries financially after the owner of the policy dies. It can also be a form of savings in the long run if you purchase a plan, which offers the option of contributing regularly. Additionally, a little known function of life insurance is that it can be tied in with a person’s pension plan. A person can make contributions to a pension that is funded by a life insurance company. These are considered private pension arrangements.

As Insurance consultants we are professionally informed to assist businesses and individuals in assessing their insurance needs and creating an insurance plan that will meet those needs. In terms of the business world, an insurance consultant may help a business or corporation develop health and life insurance plans for employees as well as assess the types of corporate insurance coverage needed to create a viable risk management coverage program. For individuals, an insurance consultant can often help identify programs that will assist with health and life insurance coverage as well as assist in evaluating and securing insurance related to specific needs such as travel.

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